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Medical Weight Loss

Dr-Rita- Kathawa
Dr. Rita Kathawa

Dr. Rita Kathawa is an internal medicine specialist with additional training through Harvard Medical School in the field of medical bariatrics and non-surgical weight loss.  She has also performed significant research related to obesity and diabetes.  Dr. Kathawa dedicated years studying Nutritional Sciences at Wayne State University where she earned her Bachelor and Master Degrees.  Her experience as a nutritionist provides the framework to the management of bariatric patients.

Dr. Kathawa can help you at any point in your weight loss journey.  Dr. Kathawa is able to prescribe FDA approved weight loss medications.  She tailors the medication regimen to the patient’s individual needs and co-morbidities.  Dr. Kathawa’s fully customized approach utilizes diet, exercise, medications, and even behavioral interventions. 

Dr. Kathawa’s training in internal medicine allows her to provide comprehensive care for stable chronic medical conditions in addition to those with high acuity requiring hospitalization.  Dr. Kathawa manages the disease of obesity and its associated complications which include heart disease, obstructive sleep apnea, diabetes, hypertension, joint pain, PCOS, and fatty liver disease amongst many others.  Her intensive extra training in obesity and its related complications allows her to understand the appropriate management of these patients. 

Dr. Kathawa works very closely with Dr. Sousa to provide a comprehensive and personalized approach to achieving and maintaining weight loss.  She is actively involved in the preoperative, perioperative, and long term post-operative care of Bariatric patients.  Postoperatively, Dr. Kathawa monitors her patients vigilantly to help them avoid relapse and weight gain.

Dr. Kathawa’s contact info is below:
41400 Dequindre Rd #121
Sterling Heights, MI 48314